“Destination Argentina” travel books for children between 7 and 13 years old.

Welcome to this adventure!

From this very moment our journey begins to get to know the work of two avant-garde women artists: Norah Borges and Gertrudis Chale.

Here you will find two travel notebooks that will be your allies on your journey through the exhibition “Destino Argentina”. Whether at home by consulting the resources we have made available on the website (which you can find here) or by visiting the exhibition at the museum, these notebooks will be your passport. To achieve this, we propose some activities and challenges that will help you to get to know the art of our two artists better.

Enjoy your trip and remember that you can share your results and impressions with us using the hashtag #educadestinoargentina on social networks.

The notebooks are differentiated according to age suggestions. You can choose one, both, or adapt the activities to your child’s interest and level.
The support or supervision of an adult is recommended, especially when making the notebook at home, so make use of our website to have a complete experience!
Use, enjoy, and transform to your heart’s content!


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