Our history

The Ralli Collection is the result of years of dedicated work by Mr. Harry Recanati, who decided to make his private collection available to the public by creating the Ralli Museums.

The collection is made up of contemporary paintings, sculpture and graphic works, mostly from Latin America and Europe. It also includes works of European art from the 15th to 18th centuries; the collection originally started out with this theme but this was soon replaced by contemporary art. The latter style makes up the bulk of the Ralli Collection, and is shared by four of the five Ralli Museums. 

Harry Recanati’s role as a patron of art can be seen particularly clearly in the collection of Latin American art thanks to his strong commitment to new artists who today are key figures in the history of art.

The non-profit Harry Recanati Foundation was founded in 2000 to continue his philanthropic philosophy. Its main purpose is to continue the work he started, using the collection to promote and disseminate contemporary Latin American and European art, making it available to everybody for free.

The Ralli Museums are part of this non-profit institution which comprises a total of five museums, located in Punta del Este (Uruguay), Santiago (Chile), Caesarea (Israel) and Marbella (Spain). The main aim of the Ralli Museums is to bring contemporary art to visitors inside and outside its borders, through one collection, the Ralli Collection. A fifth museum, also located in Caesarea, displays European art of the Modern Age. Works from the same period can also be found to a lesser extent in the Ralli Museum in Santiago de Chile, with a room dedicated to them.

Current Exhibitions

American Abstraction · Carlos Mérida
Destination Argentina. Borges and Chale, female artists in the avant-garde
Contemporary art in Oaxaca. Vanguard, myth and tradition

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