Mission, vision and values


The mission of all the Ralli Museums is to bring contemporary art, in particular from Latin America, to visitors inside and outside their borders. For this reason and due to our geographical location, the permanent collection of the Ralli Museum in Marbella focuses on this aspect in particular.

This is carried out through the study, conservation, exhibition and dissemination of the Ralli Collection. Our exhibitions and projects are aimed at encouraging education and sensitivity to art, promoting social dynamization in our immediate surroundings. In turn, we wish to pass on the culture, principles and identity-values of Western civilisation, especially Latin American.


We want to become a benchmark for the dissemination of contemporary Latin American art, on a local, provincial and Spanish level, thanks to the quality and value offered by our museum and the Ralli Collection.


Sensitivity for art and different cultures

Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement 

Quality and professionalism 


Social commitment and inclusion


Working with rigour, empathy, involvement and proximity

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