Programme for May

The opening of Sala Cero and the new temporary exhibition American Abstraction · Carlos Mérida means we can offer activities for all ages in our programme for April and May.

*We remind you that we have extended our opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm

All activities will be held in Spanish.

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Saturday 6th May | 12pm | Sala Cero

Guided visit to the temporary exhibition “American Abstraction · Carlos Mérida. “The myth as a transmitter of values: sustainability and ecology in indigenous traditions”.

In this guided visit we will look at the new temporary exhibition dedicated to the artist Carlos Mérida through the lens of the importance of ecology and sustainability in the indigenous tradition.

In all cultures, the myth is a tool to transmit values and beliefs. In indigenous traditions, the importance placed on elements from nature, whether living or not, stands out, as does the conception of the world as a living organism in itself that human beings are a part of, being just a small part of it, not the centre.

Where? Sala Cero

Time? 12pm

How long? 1h

Suitable for all audiences

* Free activity with limited capacity. Register by sending an email to, by calling 952 85 79 23, at our reception window or by completing the form.

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Saturday 20th May | 12pm | Room 5

Poetry recital set to music by Ana Eugenia Venegas and María Testa.

Ana Eugenia Venegas, writer, philologist, social educator, blogger and media culture contributor, invites us to immerse ourselves in her literary universe through her series of poems “Mística 5G”.

Her poetry is accompanied on piano by María Testa, pianist and musicologist, musical director and educator at the Centre for the Dissemination of Mediterranean Music and creator of the project “Música con Encanto”. Pieces by the composers Erik Satie, George Gurdijieff, Giya Kancheli, Arvo Pärt, Max Richer and Philip Glass have been chosen for the occasion.

Details of the event:

Saturday, 20th May

Time? 12pm

Poetry reading of “Mística 5G” by Ana Eugenia Venegas

Pianist: María Testa

How long? 50 minutes

Where? Room 5, ground floor of the Ralli Museum Marbella

*Free activity with limited capacity.

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Saturday, 27th May | 12pm | Sala Cero

Mérida’s passion for music did not wane despite having to stop playing due to his hearing problem. Music was always on his mind and he worked on costume and set design for various plays. He also worked with Jesús Castillo on research into Maya-Quiché music.

Under this premise, Ralli Museum Marbella will hold a family workshop visit in which music and painting come together to awaken our visitors’ emotions and feelings.

Where? Sala Cero

Time? 12:00 h

How long? 1h 30min

Aimed at families with children over 7.

* Free activity with limited capacity. Register by sending an email to, by calling 952 85 79 23, at our reception window or by completing the form.

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