We are pleased to present a new temporary exhibition dedicated to the artist Carlos Mérida.

The exhibition will be housed in a new space in the Museum that has not been visited until now, heralding the start of a new concept within what is currently on offer.

This space opens on 15th April with an exhibition dedicated to the artist Carlos Mérida (Guatemala, 1891 – Mexico, 1984), entitled American Abstraction. It includes nine lithographs by the artist which reveal his contribution to national art embodied in geometric abstract language based on pre-Columbian elements.

The album of engravings, which belong to the album of engravings “A Poem to the Sacred Book”, was produced in 1978 from fragments of texts taken from the Sacred Book of the Maya or Popol Vuh, which narrates the history and cosmogony of the Maya-Quiché lineage. More than illustrating the text or configuring a narrative, the engravings sought to offer new versions containing the essence of the poem that makes up the text.

Carlos Mérida was one of the most important figures in Mexican art and abstract art in general. His language, based on the combination of figurative pre-Columbian elements with abstract modern language, in which we see muralism, Cubism, Surrealism and the Mesoamerican artistic tradition, is considered his great contribution to art. He uses this to propose a new and true American national art.

We invite you to share this very special day with us!

With free entrance, please join us at the presentation and opening of the space in real time, as well as the presentation of the new temporary exhibition.

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