A new exhibition space opens.

This new space, which has never been open to the public, not only joins the Museum’s other ten rooms, it also heralds the start of a new concept within what is currently on offer.

Room Zero, as the room has been named, offers an invitation for visitors and the Museum itself to explore. It makes it possible for us to put on more versatile, more regular exhibitions on a smaller scale but certainly not of lesser quality. We will be able to focus on themes related to the collection, and include artists who are part of the Ralli Collection but who, for various reasons, currently do not have a place within our permanent collection. Some of the new additions to the Ralli Museums’ Collection will also be put on display.

Our visitors will also be invited to take their time in this space, time to explore, to play, either alone or in company, to see the space in another way and to enjoy art as has always been the case in the Ralli Museum Marbella, in an oasis of peace and colour.

The space will open on 15th April with an exhibition dedicated to the artist Carlos Mérida (Guatemala, 1891 – Mexico, 1984), entitled American Abstraction. It includes nine lithographs by the artist which reveal his contribution to national art embodied in geometric language based on pre-Columbian elements.

We invite you to share this very special day with us!

With free entrance, please join us at the presentation and opening of the space in real time, as well as the presentation of the new temporary exhibition.

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