Sculptures by Mario Aguirre and Eduardo Quiroz

A selection of sculptures by Gerardo Quiroz and Mario Aguirre Roa inhabits the halls in the Ralli Museum

Both artists, of Mexican origin, create large format works following a naturalist and costumbrista theme around the human figure, with an almost poetic aura. Their work focuses in particular on representing females, placing them in everyday scenes and poses.

The sculptures show a model of indigenous women represented with the clear intention of extolling and honouring them. These works are loaded with sensuality as well as naturalness. By emphasising their physical features and exaggerating the volumes of the body, characteristics particular to indigenous culture are revealed.

Despite the similarities between both artists in terms of their themes and techniques, it is easy to recognise which belong to each of them due to their unique form of artistic representation.

Gerardo Quiroz’s work is imbued with a special delicateness, both in the finish and in the expressiveness of the faces he represents. On the other hand, Mario Aguirre allows us to get a better look at the nature of the material the works are made from; human figures are more precise and with distinctive features.

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