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Ralli Museums are a private international non-profit organisation, dedicated to promoting the works of Latin American and European contemporary artists.

Museo Ralli Punta del Este

Founded in 1988

The Ralli Museum in Punta del Este is located in the Beverly Hills residential area. The estate is surrounded by a beautiful tree-lined park, where architecture and nature blend to create a unique atmosphere.

Uruguayan architects Marita Casciani and Manuel Quinteiro were responsible for designing and planning the facilities that were specifically built to host the Museum. The buildings include exhibition rooms and beautiful courtyards displaying bronze and marble sculptures that create magical spaces that appeal to all visitors.

Museo Ralli Santiago

Founded in 1992

The second Ralli Museum was opened in the city of Santiago. Located in the exclusive district of Vitacura, it is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

This Museum has 16 exhibition halls that house an important collection of Latin American art unique in Chile, with artists from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Honduras and Cuba, among others. It also exhibits an interesting collection of artists such as Dalí, Rodin, Chagall and Calder, who made a great impression with their prints and sculptures, as well as a classic collection consisting of paintings dating between the 15th and 18th centuries.

Museo Ralli 1 Cesarea

Founded in 1993

The first Ralli Museum in Caesarea was built in a Spanish colonial style that perfectly fits the pastoral landscape of Caesarea. The Museum has five exhibition halls, as well as several octagonal courtyards with central fountains.

The Museum was conceived taking into account Israel’s light and weather conditions. Natural light comes from large windows opening onto the inner courtyards. The upper level has a large square with sculptures overlooking the sea, offering views over the arches of the Roman aqueduct on the horizon.

Museo Ralli 2 Cesarea

Founded in 2007

This second museum in Caesarea was built in the Spanish Mudéjar architectural style. As in the Alhambra Palace in Granada, in the middle of the large central courtyard we find a fountain with 12 lions. According to historians, this motif originated in the palace of King David in Jerusalem. The fountain is surrounded by marble statues of Maimonides, Ibn Gabirol, Yehuda Halevi and Spinoza. The building has four floors, and exhibits paintings with biblical themes, created by European artists in the 16th to 18th centuries.

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Current exhibitions

Contemporary art in Oaxaca. Vanguard, myth and tradition
Surrealisms. From Giorgio de Chirico to Francis Bacon
Figurative art in Contemporary Latin America

The founder

Harry Recanati, founder of the Ralli Museums