The legacy of Harry Recanati: the Ralli Collection

Celebrating the centenary of his birth

In 2019 we will commemorate the centenary of the birth of Harry Recanati, founder of the Ralli Museums, and we would like to honour him through a very special exhibition programme.

These are works and artists with a special relevance in the history of the museums, as well as for Harry Recanati as a collector and patron. A clear example of this would be the relationship that two of the four exhibits have with Surrealism, a movement that has a special presence in the Ralli Collection due to the founder’s passion and predilection for this style.

The Ralli Collection worldwide

The Ralli Museum of Caesarea, in Israel, is exhibiting “René Magritte, daily dreams”, an individual exhibition of engravings by the Belgian artist that has travelled from Chile and that will rotate to the rest of the Ralli Museums.

The exhibition housed in the Ralli Museum in Uruguay’s Punta del Este, shows works with a religious theme from the Russian artist Marc Chagall (entitled “Marc Chagall, design of the 12 windows of Jerusalem). This exhibition is significant given the Jewish and Israeli origin of Harry Recanati.

In Santiago de Chile we find a sample of abstract art through the exhibition Kinetic and Geometry, under the optics of the Ralli Collection, which exemplifies the more conceptual and abstract side of the Ralli Collection.

In Marbella, the exhibitionSpartacus Movementpromotes the recovery and vindication of a group of Argentine artists, work to which Harry Recanati devoted a substantial part of his life and the reason why he founded these museums.

Each of the museums has different schedules and activities, which we invite you to review in their web pages.

Admission to all of them is completely free of charge.

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