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The first exhibition about the Movimiento Espartaco (translated as the “Spartacus Movement”), that takes place in Europe can be visited at the Ralli Museum in Marbella from 2nd. of June. Composed of artworks by Ricardo Carpani, Mario Mollari, Juan Manuel Sánchez, Esperilio Bute, Carlos Sessano, Juana Elena Diz y Pascual Di Bianco.

The Spartacus Movement officially emerged in 1959 in the city of Buenos Aires, a year after writing a manifesto entitled “Por un arte revolucionario” (For revolutionary art), in which they set out the ideological foundations of the movement. Formally, it consisted of a return to the critical figurative tradition within Latin American art, as opposed to other folkloric and Europeanising currents with which they did not feel identified, but with a contemporary technique and language.

This exhibition on the Spartacus Movement is based around a series of works by the artists who were part of it. Without following a chronological order or structure, here we can find examples of the different tendencies, aesthetics and languages that were developed throughout its lifespan and how they were projected beyond it, maintaining certain similarities and recurring themes in each artist’s individual work. In particular, we see this artistic development within the same artist, based on the reiteration of motifs and subjects tackled using a different language.

The works on display here are part of the Ralli Museums collection, along with other pieces on loan from the private collection of Eduardo Bute Sánchez de Hoyos, thanks to which it has been possible to provide a comprehensive overview of the movement.

More information about the exhibition and the Spartacus Movement here.

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