MODER NATUR (Paloma Vázquez)

As a result of Covid, we have seen how everyday life has become strange and distant from us. Many of us have rediscovered our inner nature, we have returned to the natural environment.

Living in Madrid for a year and a half, with lockdown making me miss taking walks with my dog and climbing the mountains of Malaga, I began to search the big city for that natural environment that I was so used to having; after years of studies and photography series, I still believe that it is necessary to be able to co-exist with the world.

This work uses nature as a means to look at this intervention with the everyday, with the most raw human beings that we are and that we build daily in order to subsist in cities. Those little things like sitting and chatting, taking the dog out, going out for a beer or getting up in the morning to go to work.

The project itself is a way of observing ourselves, it is understanding how much we come to occupy in space and how much we actually intervene in it. It is an observation that if nature is left to take its course it beats us hands down as its strength is eternal.

“Long ago we felt invincible to the world until one day nature showed us that it works better without us.”

Project installation

La Kavra art collective

Museum from Home