Family visits

We love to receive visits from families or groups of friends who want to bring art closer to the little ones. Ralli Marbella Museum provides materials to help you plan your own customizable tour.

And above all, we are convinced that the artistic and cultural experience is not limited to visiting the museum, which is why we encourage visitors to enjoy the art at home, either before or after their visit to our premises.


See materials prior to the visit _ Art notebooks to take home (from 6 to 10 years old) This material will only be available in Spanish

See Self-guides to visit the museum  This material will only be available in Spanish

The real advantage of this visitor system is to be able to enjoy the museum experience in your own way. For this reason, at Ralli Marbella Museum we do not underestimate the power of freedom. Let yourself be carried away by what the works suggest and always carry a notebook and pencil or coloured pencils with you! You won’t regret it.


Do you like using new technologies? Then you are in luck because at Ralli Marbella Museum taking photographs (without flash) and videos is permitted.

Remember, originality is not just for the artists.

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Museum from Home


Temporarily closed

22 of December 2022
Schedule: 10:00 to 15:00