Family visits

We are delighted to receive visits from families or groups of friends who wish to bring art to the youngest visitors. To this end, the Ralli Marbella Museum provides them with materials that they can use to plan their visit independently and in a tailor-made way.

And if we are convinced that the artistic and cultural experience is not limited to the visit to the museum, we also encourage them to enjoy art at home, either before or after their visit to the museum.

See pre-visit materials _ Art books at home (6 to 10 years old)Ver materiales previos a la visita _ Cuadernos de arte en casa (de 6 a 10 años)

See self-guided tours of the museum 
The real advantage of this system of visits is that you can enjoy the museum experience in your own way. That’s why, at Museo Ralli Marbella, we don’t underestimate the power of freedom: let yourself be carried away by what the works suggest to you and always have a notebook and a pencil or colouring pen at hand! You won’t regret it.

Museum from Home