Saturday ,18th of December

12:30 p.m.

Ground floor of the Ralli Marbella Museum
Free entry until complete seats

The project “Shall we play the piano?” directed by Maria Testa, belongs to the pedagogical programs of Centro de Divulgación Musical del Mediterráneo since 2019.
This project is dedicated to the learning of piano in a group of adults.
In its second academic year, not only the project has survived the lockdown, but it has walked through, becoming completely reinforced.
As it was not possible to work as a piano orchestra, the members of the group were attending online individual classes in Musical Language and piano solo repertoire.

The fact of belonging to this group has been a very important key to overcome a difficult time and all of them have been developing piano and musical language skills.

Works for Piano Orchestra from classic, modern, popular and Christmas repertoire.
Works for piano solo, by some students of the group.

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