New exhibitions for 2021

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Ralli Museum in Marbella, we have planned a special programme for 2021, including two major exhibitions renewing part of the permanent collection.

New exhibitions 

The Ralli Museum in Marbella is preparing the exhibition Contemporary art in Oaxaca: vanguard, myth and tradition . Works from the most outstanding contemporary artists from this region will be on display, including Rufino Tamayo, the father of modern painting in Mexico, Francisco Toledo, Rodolfo Morales, Rodolfo Nieto, Juan Alcázar, Maximino Javier, Cecilio Sánchez, Irma Guerrero, Justina Fuentes and Felipe Morales.
Oaxaca is a state located in the southwest of Mexico, where we can still find sixteen clearly defined indigenous ethnic groups, with sixteen languages of their own, enjoying their own traditions and culture. This reality intermingles with modern life, cultural references and traditions coming from the West.

The contemporary artists of Oaxaca bring this cultural diversity to their work, which is as rich as the world that surrounds them. Without there being a school as such, and without the need to even share styles or languages, these artists come together based on their themes and references, on the way they reflect their Mexican, Oaxacan and indigenous identities, which are as personal and individual as they are universal.

With this exhibition, which joins the permanent collection, the Ralli Museum continues and strengthens its work in disseminating Latin American art. It focuses on art that is marked by its roots in Zapotec lands and traditions, with a strong sense of indigenous and Latin American identity which co-exists alongside modernity.


Renovation of the permanent collection of European art

Last but not least, the permanent collection of contemporary art by European artists on display in the museum (in rooms 2, 3 and 4 on the top floor) is also to be renovated.

The exhibition Surrealisms. From Giorgio de Chirico to Francis Bacon explores the different languages and trajectories of some of the most prominent surrealist artists in history, such as André Masson, Salvador Dalí, Man Ray and Joan Miró. It also includes some young artists who joined the movement during its last stage and who, like the aforementioned, continued to create surrealist art beyond it. The exhibition also reflects on how surrealism is part of the body of work of some artists without the need to adhere to this artistic current or to a single style. This can clearly be seen in figures like Giorgio de Chirico, Marc Chagall and Francis Bacon.

This collective exhibition takes a transversal approach towards surrealism in the history of contemporary European art that differs to the traditional one, based on works belonging to the Ralli Collection. In it we see a new way of tackling the vast production of surrealist art and its different interpretations.


The Ralli Museum in Marbella, 20 years fulfilling a dream: to bring the collection of Latin American and European contemporary art to as many people as possible. Thank you for being part of it.

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