Temporary exhibition Woman’s Portraits

Women in art: from classicism to the vanguard

Classic and avant-garde pictorial and sculptural work make up the sample that attempts to showcase the different forms in which artists approached female representations over the centuries. A selection of authors that form part of the Ralli Collection, with works of art encompassed in the years 1900 and 1980.

Representing the pictorial trends, we find, among others, French André Derain, Jacques Vilon, Marie Laurencin and Louise Latapie; as well as Russian Nicolas Tarkhoff; the English Harry Bloomfield and Averil Burleigh; and the Spaniard Celso Lagar.

Female representation through sculpture is brought by the hand of Israel artist Chana Orloff and French Michael Beck, where we can see from the expressive use of forms to the most abstract simplification.

The different artistic languages observed in this selection, as well as the techniques and materials, reveal the broad spectrum of possibilities there is in the world of art on the same topic.

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