Surrealism or surrealisms?

Mediated visits (in Spanish) to the exhibition Surrealisms. From Giorgio de Chirico to Francis Bacon

Are surrealists born or are they made? What makes a work or artist “surrealist”? Is it possible to be surrealist and other things too? If a surrealist stops painting surrealist works, are they no longer a surrealist? All of these questions and more are waiting for you to answer them. Come and do it with the works in this exhibition. Are you ready?

Suitable for all ages. Visits will be only in spanish.

First session: 11am

New sessions can be added based on prior reservations, respecting the permitted capacity according to current regulations.

Limited capacity. Prior reservations are required via email at, by calling 952 85 79 23 or at our reception window.

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