“Seeds without Borders”

Installation “Seeds without Borders”

Made by artist local

From December 4 to 21



“Seeds are life and life is freedom”

Vandana Shiva



“An artistic event is not a meaningful work, or a charismatic artist, but rather it is a creative process that communicates ideas in an aesthetic way. Ideas about the world, about politics, about society, about human beings and their environment.

Fundación Arboretum showed us this reality that we must think about with its activity “Seeds without Borders”, an art installation organised by Agricultural biodiversity, sustainability, natural foods without GMOs or contamination, as opposed to deficient, unhealthy foods that waste a huge amount of energy and resources and are disconnected from the land. Highly disconnected from our land.

The path we took was to find the origin of life in something as small, as fragile and as powerful as a seed. A seed as a great engine of creation. The great artistic creation of nature.

Art is a magnificent vehicle for communication and motivation, and as local artists we organised this performance that reveals the relationship between nature and art, based on our personal connection with the organic cycle of life and its future. This was completed with a mandala created on the soil in the fruit and vegetable gardens by everybody who attended – earth/seeds/hands/wishes/colours and shapes.

The paintings express the vision of each artist and their connection with the land, that which is new, birth and the development of life, showing us the dimension of natural life.

This was an incredible natural experience carried out as a community.”

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