School visits

Every school year, the Ralli Museum in Marbella welcomes visits from schools and educational establishments. To continue promoting visits and the enjoyment of the Ralli Collection among children and young people, the Ralli Museum reminds you of the following:

– Access to the Museum is free.

Just call in advance on 952 85 79 23 to book your visit.

– The Ralli Museum has large exhibition spaces to accommodate group visits as well as an outdoor courtyard where visitors can take a break and eat breakfast.*

– To enjoy the visit and these spaces to a maximum, groups should ideally contain a maximum of 30 children. They can be alternated with a new group on the same day or be divided across the different floors within the Museum.

– Students must be accompanied by teachers or responsible adults throughout the visit (3 adults per group of 25-30 children).

Personalise your visit!

The Ralli Museum does not offer guided visits, but we offer you some supporting material for use in class as well as in the Museum (This material will only be available in Spanish). These resources provide a guide to both the educator and the student on the art and concepts that they will find during their visit to the Ralli Collection.

What kind of art would you like to see today?Due to the variety and scope of the exhibitions on offer at the Ralli Museum, we recommend that you focus your visit on a specific theme. This way, the student will better explore the collection’s concepts and gain more knowledge before and during their visit, facilitating their understanding of the topics selected by you, in a fun and entertaining way: playing!

These teaching guides are available for schools so that they can prepare their visit in advance. They include different activities to do before and during the visit.


Option A: Permanent Collection | Latin American Art | This material will only be available in Spanish

Option B: Permanent Collection | European Art | Temporarily unavailable-


For more information or to request material, please contact


Recommendations and rules during your visit to the Museum:

The Museum is a place to have fun and learn but there are certain rules that have to be followed:
Do not touch the works or the walls. Do not run, skid or slide.
Do not eat inside the Museum.
You are allowed to talk! But please do so one at a time and without shouting.
Bring your camera! Take pictures of the works (without flash) or videos, so you can take the experience home.

*The Ralli Museum does not have a cafeteria and cannot provide breakfast. The school or the students are responsible for bringing breakfast if they wish.

**For a more comfortable visit, students must leave their backpacks in the Museum’s reception. Any material needed for the visit and activities should be taken out beforehand and carried at all times by an adult. Don’t worry, backpacks will be returned to students for breaks or breakfast if they are to be held in the Museum courtyard.


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