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Mediatised visits to the exhibition ” Destination Argentina”.

Get closer to the work of Norah Borges and Gertrudis Chale through our offer of mediatised visits to the exhibition “Destination Argentina. Borges and Chale, women artists in the avant-garde“.

During the months of July and August the Museo Ralli Marbella offers this series of mediatised visits in which we will dialogue directly with the works. In them we will discover the particularities of our artists and the artistic and cultural trends of mid-20th century Argentina.

Days: 9 July | 23 July | 6 August | 27 August
Time: 12:00 noon
Aimed at: all audiences
Duration: 1 hour
Place: Room 10, ground floor of the Museum

Free activity. No booking required. More information on Telephone: 952 85 79 23 or by e-mail:

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