Art therapy workshop at the museum

Toledito’s journey is a journey of self-knowledge through history to explore one’s inner self. Often the most important and transcendent journeys in our lives do not require us to go far away. This is one of those journeys and you can do it with us.

In this art therapy workshop for adults we propose a work of self-knowledge and introversion based on the works of the exhibition “Contemporary art in Oaxaca. Avant-garde, myth and tradition” and the proposals of our expert Alba Pérez, art therapist and art historian.

What do I feel when I stand in front of this work?
What is there of me in it?
What emotions do these creations move me?

We propose a different journey through the exhibition, a journey to explore the emotions conveyed by the works. An emotional journey and a space for free creation where we can give shape to what this awakens in us, in short, an exploration of our emotions through artistic languages.

It is not necessary to have any technical knowledge or artistic training to participate, it is not a training workshop, but an experiential activity.

The activity is free and has a limited number of places, so it is necessary to register in advance by emailing and calling 952 85 79 23.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. This workshop has a limited number of places in order to guarantee all safety measures and ensure a quality experience.

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