Stanley, Rodolfo – Costa Rica

1950-2021 | Latin American Art


He was born in Grecia, Costa Rica, in 1950. Self-taught, he spent just a few months studying Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica.

After finishing high school, he began working as an assistant in an advertising agency art department. Two years later he was appointed head of art, which was when he started attending evening classes at the university.
His artistic career developed at home and internationally, with him exhibiting in Europe, the United States, Latin America, and even Asia.



His work is figurative and can be categorised as magical realism. The use of sarcasm, humour, irreverence, eroticism and sensuality in his scenes is strongly present throughout his entire career.

Stanley mainly depicts scenes of daily life, inspired by Costa Rican costumbrismo and with a surreal or surprising component. In spite of their apparently benign nature, the tone of social criticism can be detected in his works.