Temporary exhibition Marc Chagall, Engravings

Marc Chagall

A painter and designer distinguished for his surrealistic inventiveness, though he really never took part in this movement. He developed his own expressive and colorful pictorial style, closely linked to his life experiences and to the religious and popular traditions of the Jewish Russian community.

His artistic interest led him to Paris in 1910, where he reached his artistic maturity. The artist’s distinctive use of color and form derives partly from Russian expressionism, but he was deeply influenced by French cubism.

His life was marked by a feeling of rootlessness from his native country and culture, which would be the basis of his artistic creation. The references to his childhood, the rural world and his Jewish origin (the village houses, the violin player figure, the goat) are some of the images that he most frequently repeated.

The biblical subjects from the Old Testament are the leit motiv of many of his works, as in the Blessing of Jacob.


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